OENEXPORT relies on a strong network of winegrowers. Over time, we have developed close links and built mutual trust.

The winegrowers with whom we work are keen to uphold their convictions and practices which are in harmony with nature and biodiversity.

These winegrowers are experts in allowing their terroir to express itself and in letting the land reveal its particularities.  

Harvesting is done by hand, yields are controlled to produce wine quality with care and precision.

Wines originating from organic agriculture, or biodynamic wines are labelled AB, Biodyvin [biodynamic wine], Nature & progrés [Nature & Progress], and so on.

OENEXPORT is continuously searching for new talent to extend its range and variety in order to satisfy expectations of importers.

If you are a winegrower and you want to export your wines with confidence:  

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AOP - Coteaux du Languedoc 

« Terrasses du Larzac »

Isabelle and Jean Pierre VENTURE operate this 16 ha estate located in Aniane, a small village 30km north-west of Montpellier.



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