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OENEXPORT has developed a network of import partners over time who pay particular attention to the quality of the wines they distribute. We offer the following range of services:


Advice and selection:
Together with the importer, we made a careful selection of wines suitable for specific requirements.

Regulatory requirements:
With the support of the relevant authorities, we manage all the documents and formalities required by regulations in place in the country of import and ensure consistency for efficient customs clearance.

Regrouping wine and logistics:
We make the link between the importer and the winegrowers. Therefore, we gather and ship the wine from the estates to bonded warehouses.

On request, we create marketing material (photos of the estates / interviews with winegrowers / presentation sheets about the wines, and so on).

If you are an importer and you want to import authentic wines from French winegrowers: 


   FREIGHT CONTAINER being prepared at FOS-SUR-MER



The wines are routed from the bonded warehouse to the port of destination in a refrigerated container.





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